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Full electronic document distribution

ecco e-Billing Software is Prime Document’s electronic document distribution system designed to provide clients with immediate savings on print and postal costs.

e-billing solutionsSitting alongside our script print and delivery service, ecco Electronic Billing Software Solution simply means that rather than receiving your communication in the post, your clients, customers and suppliers receive an email.

The benefits of this form of delivery are numerous, but key points include; immediate delivery of important documents, open and read tracking of delivery, zero print and post costs.

Of course, not everyone is ready for the digital revolution, therefore our e Billing solution software sits perfectly alongside script (our print and postal service), meaning that if your e-delivery is not successful or the client take up is not 100%, then our system will automatically send a copy in the post.

How does the e-Billing Solution work?

Our range of ecco secure document distribution billing solutions start off by you sending your data to us over secure FTP file transfer. Once received, our systems check and validate your data and automatically create your print or e-runs.

Those recipients flagged for receiving electronic copies are then sent your documentation via ecco e-Billing solutions. This can either be as a PDF document attached to an email, or a prompt for your recipient to login to your very own personalised e-Billing platform.


When a recipient receives and opens the communication, our e-Billing service records successful delivery. This enables you to run ‘click and go’ reports on electronic document distribution statuses at your convenience. Those recipients who have not received the documents on-line will automatically be sent a copy in the post.

Who is it for?

Any business currently posting large volumes of documentation on a regular basis really should consider switching to electronic delivery.


  • Immediate reduction in print and postal costs
  • No need for in-house printing, enveloping and posting
  • Document hosting for seven years
  • Immediate e-delivery reduces receipt and settlements times
  • On-line tracking notifies you when individuals receive and open documents
  • Provide clients, customers and suppliers with branded ‘My Account’ portal



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