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Secure payroll document management

e-Pay is Prime Document’s quicker, faster and smarter way for businesses to create, manage and distribute official employment and payroll communications.

payroll document managementManaging the administration of a busy HR department can be a strain on a business. To add to that pressure, you also need a method and means of distributing employment documents to your staff.

Printing, folding, placing in envelopes and posting these documents all takes up valuable extra time and resources. With stationary and postal costs only set to continue to rise, can you afford not to find a smarter, more efficient way?

What is e-Pay?

e-Pay is Prime Document’s employment and payroll document management solution, fully customisable to meet the needs of a busy and growing business.

As a specialist document management company, Prime Document have refined the process of creating, managing and distributing documents in paper or electronic format. As such they’re able to offer significant savings on the whole process.

Economies of scale enable Prime Document to access postal discount agreements with major carriers, which in-turn, they pass on to you.

How does it work?

e-Pay is set-up to receive, create and send around the clock, giving you access to a professional, cost efficient service that takes the hassle out of the process for you.

The e-Pay solution enables your business to outsource the management of employment communications including; payslips, time-sheets, pensions, P60′s, P45′s etc…

payroll document management

Further cost reductions are achieved by porting suitable accounts over to electronic delivery. Employees receive data quicker and you cut out print and postal fees. Electronic delivery also comes with real-time tracking, providing your HR department with click-and-go reporting.

“After switching to their service we instantly saw an improvement in quality cost savings. In-fact we saved money instantly, just on our basic unit cost. Their guidance on merging multiple documents and postal discounts has saved us vast sums over 14 years.”
Tony Frost
IT Director – Rentokil


  • Significant reduction in your administration costs
  • Reduced post costs
  • Reduced stationery costs
  • On-line delivery further cuts print and postal costs
  • Real-time tracking and reports for e-delivery
  • Round the clock service you can access any time
  • Pay as you go accounts available
  • Automated service, send the data and the service starts
  • Sensitive data always protected
  • Print and fold to secure pressure sealed envelopes
  • Multiple documents merged further reducing costs
  • Efficient and secure payroll document management 

Types of documents

  • Payslips
  • Time-sheets
  • Pension statements
  • P60′s, P45′s
  • Holiday statements
  • Employment and payroll communications

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Open quoteAfter switching to their service we instantly saw an improvement in quality cost savings. In-fact we saved money instantly, just on our basic unit cost. Their guidance on merging multiple documents and ......

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