Electronic Document Management

ecco is Prime Document’s full electronic document management, storage, and retrieval system, and is designed to improve your overall commercial performance. Electronic document management allows for immediate, on-demand access to all of your business’s critical financial information, such as invoices and statements, as and when required.

Benefits of Electronic Document Management

  • Faster processing of documents and forms
  • Potential savings of up to 80% on data capture and input costs
  • Removal of time-consuming manual processes
  • Instant online access to your documents
  • Fully secured and backed up online storage
  • Accurate and detailed real-time reporting

In order to use our ecco electronic document management, simply submit your data automatically via secure FTP. Your data is then checked and processed, and your documents are instantly searchable via desktop, mobile or tablet securely around the clock. Electronic document management is an ideal solution for credit controllers or financial departments in particular, or other departments that need immediate access to their organisation’s financial records and information.

With decades of experience, we can easily guide you step-by-step through the process of digitising your documents, and overall help you make your organisation’s processes quicker and more efficient.

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