18th October 2011

Reduce admin cost with electronic document management...

Reduce sales-outstanding time, increase cash-flow and maximise your working capital

As ever, increasing numbers of organisations are looking to lower administration costs whilst continuing to meet their CSR targets, many overlook the financial and environmental rewards of electronic document management.

We live in an age where everything needs to be greener, faster and of course, cost efficient. So developing systems and strategies for delivering and managing financial documents; such as invoices, remittance advice and other receivables, is essential.

Effective invoicing software and systems can automate and streamline an organisation’s entire accounts process. Enabling businesses to automatically capture purchase orders and issuing invoices to controlling debtors and collecting payments electronically online is a must for any business looking to be green and streamlined.

Prime Document’s “ecco” e-billing system integrates with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) or invoicing software systems to provide a paperless and economic electronic invoicing process – e-Billing.

In addition to reducing workforce, material and delivery costs associated with paper-based invoicing, businesses also benefit by reducing errors, accelerating settlement times and enhanced brand visibility. But it’s not just businesses that gain here, e-Billing really does represent a win-win scenario for both businesses and customers.

Prime Document’s “ecco” e-billing system works alongside a full electronic document storage and retrieval system which provides an end-to-end online invoicing solution. Consumers benefit greatly from this combined service, enjoying instant delivery or access to their accounts, electronic or online storage, download features (which can plug into a wide range of finance systems) and a much more efficient dispute resolution process.

Key Features ecco e-billing:

  • Send electronic invoices and present online
  • Real-time on-line management of all documents & transactions for customers
  • Customers can download and interact with data in multiple formats
  • Full document archiving with search and store features
  • Automated debtor control and notification
  • Range of reporting features including document status (delivered, opened, paid)
  • Scalable multilingual, multi-currency opportunities
  • Easy to use web screens with corporate branding throughout

Integrated Payments
Along with reducing administration costs and lowering environmental impact e-Billing represents the greatest value in the speed of payment and reconciliation. By enabling your customers to pay an invoice in real-time over the internet significantly speeds up the settlement time-line and drastically improves cash flow.

Our e-Billing platform, which currently handles Credit and Debit cards and a variety of other methods, means your organisation can provide your customers with a broad spectrum of payment options and your invoices are reconciled much sooner.

Fast Customer Enrolment with 100% Coverage
Customers can access their online banking modules from hand held devices in the blink of an eye-lid. Naturally they will expect the same services from their other suppliers. The customer enrolment process through “ecco” e-billing is straight-forward, timely and simple. All a new customer needs to enrol on the e-billing platform is an email address.

  • Branded registration screens integrated onto your website
  • A swift and simple online enrolment process for customers
  • Enables instant access to invoices

Service integration and roll-out process
At Prime Document we understand that service adoption and an effective, streamlined roll-out process is critical. Our team of dedicated account managers help every step of the way and are on hand to assist you throughout service integration and launch.

Summary of Benefits

  • Save up to 50% per invoice on processing
  • Instant and traceable invoice delivery
  • Quicker dispute management
  • Significantly reduce input errors
  • Optimise outstanding debtor management
  • Upto10 years online archiving
  • Faster and effortless access for customers
  • Marketing opportunities through electronic documents
  • A greener, more sustainable process


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Reduce admin cost with electronic document management

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