31st July 2017

Transactional Document Management & Distribution...

LeasePlan are the world’s leading provider of fleet management services. They are active in 30 countries and employ over 6,000 dedicated people. “it’s easier to leaseplan”

“Prime Document have been business partners with LeasePlan UK since 2008. They have delivered and continue to maintain their products and services with a commitment to always wanting to fully understand the needs of LeasePlan. Their innovative approach continues to provide an effective and cost efficient solution to each service delivered. They remain totally customer focused and passionate about the quality of their service provided to LeasePlan. Prime Document clearly demonstrate expert knowledge in their line of business and willingness to accommodate the needs of LeasePlan.”

Kathy Ralph Finance Manager – Fleet Control and Business Change

The Objective of the Project was to streamline transactional document production and distribution and by doing so reduce costs, reduce debtor days and establish an e-Business platform.

It was recognised that due to LeasePlan’s business growth that these goals would be best served by outsourcing this key function to a specialist third party provider. Prime Document Ltd were selected to work with LeasePlan to achieve these key business goals.

At the onset of the Project, LeasePlan printed and distributed their transactional documents using their own in-house facility. Initially this system worked well but as LeasePlan’s business grew this key business function was becoming a drain on resources and that this activity would be more suited to outsourcing.

After a number of initial meetings between LeasePlan, Prime Document produced a detailed plan of action and a very attractive Cost Benefit Analysis.

Prime Document made some recommendations that would assist LeasePlan in achieving their business goals. These included utilising DSA Postage providers to enable a significant reduction in Post Costs, dynamically printing supporting documentation for additional charges on the reverse of the invoices and establishing an e-Billing platform.

In addition, Prime Document developed software to produce merged packs thereby ensuring that all documents for one destination address were packed in the same envelopes. Once the Print and Mail service was established the next phase was to develop the Electronic Document Management service. Prime Document used their ”ecco” service to achieve this.

Stage one was to create a website for client email address collection. Prime Document then included an additional letter with each invoice pack despatched. This letter requested customers to visit the aforesaid website and enrol for e-Billing. Once enrolled LeasePlan’s customers had the benefit of not only quick efficient e-Billing but the ability to access their document history via a variety of Boolean search fields

Customer Benefits

  • Postal savings of 20%
  • Improved cash flow
  • Supporting documentation for additional charges
  • Peace of Mind – ISO 9001:2008 service
  • 7 year Electronic Document Storage
  • Fast access to stored documents
  • Secure Document Storage
  • Enhanced Customer Experience

Services / Solutions

  • script – Business Print & Mail
  • ecco – e-Billing
  • ecco – e-Document Management


  • 80,000 invoices pcm
  • 6,720,000 stored document pages

Type of documents

  • Invoices & Credit Notes
  • Supporting images
  • Statements
  • Reminder Letters


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Transactional Document Management & Distribution

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