28th July 2011

UK Falls behind in European e-Business Race...

According to a recent European Commission Survey the UK is well below average in harnessing the benefits of e – business.

Overall on e-business indicators, the UK came in at 28th out of 31 countries according to the scoreboard report published by the EC. The report shows the performance of countries delivering on the agreed targets of the Digital Agenda for Europe.

The Digital Agenda, launched last year, commits the European Commission and its member states to carry out specific actions to boost investment in, and use of, digital technologies.

In e-business, the EC ranks countries against indicators such as the number of businesses that share electronic information on the supply chain and how many enterprises use e-invoices.

The UK performed the worst against the electronic supply chain management indicator (6.7 percent of firms) and on exchanging business documents suitable for automatic processing (14.5 percent of firms), coming in 30th place on both, above only the Netherlands and Cyprus, respectively.

The top performers in these categories were Italy for automatic exchange of business documents and Croatia for electronic supply chain management.

The UK also ranked in the bottom five countries for the number of large (60.7 percent, 28th place) and small (26.1 percent, 29th place) enterprises that use software to share information on sales and purchases electronically and automatically, and for the number of enterprises that send or receive e-invoices in a format suitable for automatic processing (13.6 percent, 27th place).

Against these indicators, the UK only ranked higher than countries such as Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Hungary.

These figures are quite surprising, and certainly don’t reflect the trends we at Prime Document are seeing, indeed we are experiencing considerable growth in our ecco service.

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UK Falls behind in European e-Business Race

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